Imagining the Irish House


Many of my paintings are about Interior Space. This is the private space traditionally and historically allotted to women. I enquire into the quality of an existence lived ‘within four walls’. Enclosure has been vital to our survival as a species. Of course, there is the knock on effect of containment. The private house or home is an emotionally vulnerable space. Many important events, large and small, take place there. My paintings range from the quiet and contemplative to the busy and patterned to point to the diversity of our experience within the home. The French Philosopher Alan de Botton says ‘we are inconveniently vulnerable to the colour of our wallpaper’ – meaning that our mood is affected by our surroundings.  Mood and atmosphere are important in my interiors. None of my paintings are direct representations of the rooms I look at;  I think painting is about what an artist sees rather than what is actually there – there is a transformation of sorts.

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Judy Carroll Deeley 2016