Rathmines Library
Exhibition Room – August 2016
Tribute to Dr. Kathleen Lynn (1874 – 1955)
A painting tribute by Judy Carroll Deeley


Kathleen Lynn was a Medical Doctor and Patriot.  She lived on Belgrave Road, Rathmines. She took over as Commander in City Hall in 1916 from the first soldier killed during the Rising.  Being Chief Medical Officer to James Connolly’s Irish Citizen Army, she treated the wounded in City Hall and later in the GPO.  She was arrested and imprisoned in Kilmainham Jail.  At that time Dublin had one of the highest infant mortality rates in Europe due to malnutrition and squalid housing conditions.  There were no social welfare allowances and families starved. During the Rising children went sent out to forage for food in the vain hope that they would not be shot.  Kathleen, who had witnessed the hardship of mothers and children during The Lockout (1913) and The 1916 Rising, later co-founded St Ultan’s Hospital, Portobello, Rathmines, to treat and care for sick and malnourished infants.
Oil on Wood (4 panels)







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Judy Carroll Deeley 2017