Between River and Canal


A collaboration arising from a residency in Belmont Mill Artists’ Studios, Co. Offaly, in the summer of 2012.

Between River and Canal was inspired by local structures, landscape and people, in and around Belmont Mill, Co. Offaly. 

In a general sense the River Brosna represents nature and the Grand Canal references human activity.  The blur and shift between nature and human device is Carroll Deeley’s concern. The area around Belmont Mill was once known as ‘the golden mile’ – a series of well managed silos, factories, mills, weirs and bridges instigated by the Quakers in this rural setting. Now, however, many of these enterprises have declined or collapsed due to obsolescence and the changes wrought by the passing centuries. This alteration is mirrored in Carroll Deeley’s paintings, where buildings cede to rot and vegetation as nature advances and human activity decreases.




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Judy Carroll Deeley 2016