Making Strange

A Series of Still Lifes


Visiting Cezanne’s studio and seeing the meagre props from which he conjured exquisite still lifes a small table, decorative pieces of material that served as backgrounds, waxen fruit and various unremarkable jugs and pots - lined up on a shelf prompted me to embark on my current project, a series of still lifes painted from observation. The immediacy and intimacy of this situation inspires me.

These paintings are concerned with the placement and resonance of objects in space.

Objects embody memories and feelings and make their own particular dent in reality. Their aura is as much a part of them as their feel, shape, colour and smell.  

Objects such as vases, fruit, sofas and chairs exude residues of smell and personality just as living creatures do. They interact with their spaces to evoke the uncanniness of ‘existing’.


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Judy Carroll Deeley 2016